Our services cover all aspects of landscape design for projects ranging from residential development to commercial complexes, private gardens to urban parks, and themed hotels to leisure facilities.

Drawing from our technical expertise and vast knowledge of horticultural diversity, we offer each of our clients a versatile landscape design that is unified with its surroundings.

Landscape Planning and Design

  • Craft each project to create a “sense of place” for human experience, extending the conventional boundaries of style to address functional challenges
  • Enrich people’s lives through plant-driven landscape designs that redefine the value of a project
  • Orchestrate projects from their concept to completion

Soft Landscape Design

  • Strike a balance between hard and soft landscaping elements by introducing living components from nature into the design
  • Use thematic plant-driven design to develop a coherent landscape ambience
  • Create an aesthetic and sustainable landscape environment that invites people to appreciate the beauty of nature

Government Landscape Submission

  • Delivery of landscape government submission services, such as landscape master plan submission, planning application, tree preservation and removal proposal, and self-certificate of compliance, by a registered landscape architect